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Testimonies from Parents and Pupils

Since joining Emmaus School in September 2019, we have frequently talked about how grateful we are for this school and for its staff and how glad we are that we made the decision to send our children here, even though it meant a house move!

We always wanted our kids to have a Christian education because we see from the Bible how important it is to raise children surrounded by the truth. However, we did not think it was possible because we lived far away from a Christian school.

The turning point came at the induction evening for our eldest child at her secondary school, when it became really clear to us that we could not in good conscience send her there. It was at this point that we got in touch with Emmaus School. Over the next few weeks there was a fair amount of turmoil, and not a small amount of spiritual battle, as we made decisions about our future, but we prayed throughout.

With the benefit of two years’ worth of hindsight, we could not be happier with the move we made. We now travel further to attend church than school, but this works far better for us. All three of our children have said how glad they are we made this move (one of whom was dreading the idea of moving schools at the time). They and we have made wonderful new friends, we feel able to relax about school in a way we have never done before, and all three children are thriving academically. We love the fact that our children come home and tell us about spiritual things they have learnt in school and share songs etc. They love telling us how all other religions say, “Do, do, do!” but Jesus says, “Done!”

Quite literally, our only regret is not making this move sooner. Our eldest feels she missed out on primary education at Emmaus!




A Year 11 parent wrote: We are delighted with the way that things are going at the moment. Our girl did very well in her mock exams, and we are so proud of her, and how far she has come since joining Emmaus at the start of year ten. She is like a different young lady now, and a lot of that is down to the excellent teaching, support, and pastoral care she has received from the school. We cannot thank you, and all your staff and volunteers enough.




Emmaus School is so much more than just a school, though our son has made excellent progress. There is a real sense of happiness and friendliness displayed both between the children, but also between the parents and staff. I don’t need to worry about my child being unhappy, lonely or bullied at school. I know the children care for each other and the staff care for the pupils. And I mean genuinely care, not because of ‘a policy’, but because that’s how they live out their values and faith. Because the school is relatively small, you can get to know other people and staff are always happy to talk or listen. Parents are involved and welcomed and the whole school has a caring family atmosphere. I just wish I had enjoyed the privilege of growing up in a school such as this. I am so happy I am able to send my child here. You never forget your school days and I know my son’s memories of this time will be very happy ones.




My daughter was very unhappy at her previous school, I decided to move her to Emmaus in June she settled in very quickly, everybody at the school making her feel very welcome.

She returned to school in September and is thoroughly enjoying her school days. She comes out of school telling me about all the things she is learning, and how she doesn't worry about losing her "best friend" as "everybody is friends".

As a parent I am so pleased with the decision I made and only wish I had moved her to Emmaus 3 years ago.




After coming to Emmaus in 2009 with my three children, we have experienced the Lord first hand. I was baptized in July 2012 and my husband and 2 boys were saved too and baptized in the November.
God has worked in our family from the moment we stepped over the threshold. We are thankful daily to God for bringing us here. Our work has only just begun. Our family is now a part of every day in school. They are filled with God's presence and we are enriched as a family as a direct result of the amazing work that goes on here.
This is testimony of how a whole family has been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ through Emmaus school.




"Emmaus School – wow!! We are 'newbies' to the school but it has honestly felt more like being welcomed home into an extended family than joining a new school. The children are both loving it and are becoming more inquisitive and independent in their learning style, both in school subjects and 'projects' they have initiated at home.
It is wonderful to see the Christian ethos of the school being lived out by the teachers every day and at every level. What an example to the students (and parents alike) to see such perseverance (often in the face of adversity), patience, love, acceptance, valuing each child's individuality and gifts and commitment to relationships from the staff. For those parents who like to be more involved there are masses of opportunities to make a very real contribution. The safety, acceptance and love shown at Emmaus allows children to flourish in their own way at their own pace both academically and spiritually. To the staff: Thank you to you all – you're doing an amazing job. To any parents: Get yourselves over to visit – once you've seen it first-hand you will want to be part of it I'm sure. "

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